PEAK 6 Syllabus: Class 9



Linear equations in two variables

Introduction to linear equation in two variables

Elimination method of solving simultaneous equations

General form of linear equations in two variables

Substitution method of solving simultaneous equations

Word problems based on simultaneous equations


Circle – terms related to circle in set form

Properties of chords

Properties of congruent chords

Incircle of a triangle and its construction

Circumcircle of a triangle and its construction

Co-ordinate Geometry

Introduction to axes, origin and quadrants

Coordinates of a point in a plane

Plotting of points



Sentence arrangement

Intelligence / Mental Ability

Non verbal Test

Incomplete figures

Transparent paper folding

Embedded figures

Dot fixing situation



Carbon: An important element

Study of Sound

Heredity and Variation

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Science and technology

Political Science

India and other countries



General Knowledge

State, National & International Dances, languages, theatres, cinema, drama etc