PEAK 4 Syllabus: Class 9




Division of polynomials by synthetic method

Value of a polynomial

Remainder theorem

Factor theorem

Factorization of polynomial


Median of a triangle - property of median drawn on the hypotenuse of right triangle

Perpendicular bisector theorem

Angle bisector theorem

Properties of inequalities of sides and angles of a triangle

Similar triangles

Construction of Triangles

Revision of basic constructions

a) To draw perpendicular bisector of segment

b) To draw angle bisector

To constant triangles

a) If base, angle adjacent to base and sum of length of two remaining sides are given

b) If base, angle adjacent to base and difference of lengths of sides are given

c) Perimeter of triangle and angles adjacent to the base is given



Idioms & phrases

Intelligence / Mental Ability

Verbal Test

Blood relations

Puzzle test

Logical sequence of words

Verification of truth of the statement

Analytical reasoning

Problems on clocks

Situation reaction test

Logical reasoning



Measurement of Matter

Environment Management

Acids, Bases and Salts

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

General Knowledge / Current Affairs



Political Science

India's defence system



Properties of sea water

General Knowledge

State, National & International Sports, awards, prizes etc