PEAK 3 Syllabus: Class 7



Angles and pairs of angles

Parts of angle

Interior and exterior of an angle

Adjacent angles / Complementary angles / Supplementary angles

Opposite rays

Angles in linear pairs

Vertically opposite angles

Property of vertically opposite angles

Interior angles of polygon and their sum

The exterior angle of a triangle

The property of an exterior angle of a triangle

Operations on Rational Numbers

The numbers of type m/n are rational numbers

Difference between the meaning of fractions and rational numbers

Addition, subtraction and multiplication of rational numbers

Multiplicative inverse

Numbers in between rational numbers

Comparison of rational numbers

Recurring decimal form

Mathematical expression

Rules for simplifying expression (BODMAS)



Use of she, he, it, this, that, you, I each, none, a, an, the.

Use of prepositions - on, at, into, in , of, to, by, with, besides, between, among, over

Co relatives

Temporals - uses of within, in, on, at, before, after, from, to, till, for, how long, yet, about, by, when, while, until.

Uses of from, by, with, in, of, into, against, on, over, about.

Phrase preposition, active and passive verbs

Transformation of sentences

Countable & uncountable words & sentences

The emphasis, idiomatic sentences, drill tables

Intelligence / Mental Ability


Logical Venn Diagram

Mirror & Water Images

Paper Folding & Cutting

Completion & Formation of Figure



Nutrition in Living Organism

Food Safety

Measurement of Physical Quantities

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Maharashtra before the times of Shivaji maharaj


Preamble to the constitution


Air pressure

Biosphere (Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere, Biosphere)