PEAK 1 Syllabus: Class 7



Geometrical constructions

Angle bisector, perpendicular bisector

Property of angle bisector of a triangle

Property of perpendicular bisector of a triangle

Incentre and circumcentre

Construction of triangle

a) If three sides are given

b) If two sides and included angle is given

c) If two angles and included side is given

d) If hypotenuse and one side is given

Congruence of segments / angles / circles



Sentence of greetings, good manners, polite phrases

Exclamations, phrases

Sentences of command/ order

Tense, verbs

Sentences of order and request

Drill tables

Intelligence / Mental Ability


Data Handling

Series Completion

Alphabet Test

Coding & Decoding



The Living World - Adaptations and Classification

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Sources of history


How seasons occur - Part 1

Atmosphere & its temperature

Local weather & sky