PEAK 6 Syllabus: Class 6




Revision to know the term percentage

Percentage in the form of a fraction

Fraction in the form of a percentage

Word problems on percentage

Profit - Loss

Understand the meaning of words profit and loss with the help of examples in day to day life

Formulae for finding profit and loss

To know terms cost price, selling price, total cost price

Total cost price and profit or loss

Understand profit percent, loss percent

Word problems on profit and loss

Using given information to frame and solve word problems based on percent profit or loss



At home, out of home

To servant, on meeting

Shopping, study, health, weather, animals, games

Person and age, character, dress, exercises

Intelligence / Mental Ability



Analytical Reasoning


Word Formation



Work and Energy

Forces and Types of Forces

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


India during the Maurya period

States after the Maurya empire


Rocks and rock types

Natural resources

Country of Forest: Zaire

Country of Palm trees: Nigeria