PEAK 3 Syllabus: Class 6



Decimal Fractions

Revision of decimal fraction

Place value of a digit in a decimal fraction

Addition and subtraction of decimal fractions

Showing decimal fractions on number line

Converting a common fraction into a decimal fraction and vice-versa

Multiplication of decimal fractions

Division of decimal fractions

Bar Graphs

Knowing the graph paper

Drawing a bar graph

Know about scale / use of scale



Use of she, he, it, this, that, you, I each, none, a, an, the.

Use of prepositions - on, at, into, in , of, to, by, with, besides, between, among, over

Co relatives

Temporals - uses of within, in, on, at, before, after, from, to, till, for, how long, yet, about, by, when, while, until.

Uses of from, by, with, in, of, into, against, on, over, about.

Phrase preposition, active and passive verbs

Transformation of sentences

Countable & uncountable words & sentences

The emphasis, idiomatic sentences, drill tables

Intelligence / Mental Ability


Logical Venn Diagram

Mirror & Water Images



Substances in the Surroundings - Their States and Properties

Disaster Management

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Religious trends in ancient India


Diversity in society

Changing face of our villages


Comparing the globe and the map