PEAK 2 Syllabus: Class 6




Revision of concept angle

Components of angle-vertex sides

Interior and exterior of angle

Zero angle, right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, reflex angle, complete angle

To know compass box - compass, scale/ruler, protractor, set squares, divider

Concept of an angle bisector

To draw angle bisetor using a compass

To construct an angle equal in measure to a given angle, using compass & ruler


To understand

Natural / counting numbers

Counting numbers + zero i.e. whole numbers

Positive numbers and negative numbers

Integers - examples in day to day life

Showing integers on number line

Addition of integers

Opposite numbers (Additive inverse of a number)

Subtraction of integers

Operations on Fractions

Revision of concept of fraction

Proper and improper fractions

Mixed fractions

Conversion of an improper fraction into an mixed fraction and vice-versa

Addition of mixed fractions

Subtraction of mixed fractions

Showing fractions on number line

Multiplication of fractions

Reciprocals or multiplicative inverse of a number

Division of fractions



Roman alphabet

Vowels, consonants & pronunciation

Silent letters in words

Use of what, who, how, which, when, where, why

Negative sentences

Intelligence / Mental Ability


Puzzle Test




Diversity in living Thing and their Classification

The Living World

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


The Harappan civilization

The Vedic civilization


The Earth and the graticule

Let us use the graticule

Latitude & longitude