PEAK 4 Syllabus: Class 10



Arithmetic Progression


To Find The Term in Number Pattern

To See Whether The Sequence is an A.P. or Not

nth Term of an A.P. / Sum of n terms of an A.P.

Problems Related to tn and Sn

Word Problems


Circles Passing Through One, Two and Three Points

Secant and Tangent

Tangent Theorem and Its Converse

Theorem: About Tangents Drawn From External Point

Theorem of Touching Circles

Arc of a Circle–Major Arc, Minor Arc

Congruence of Arcs

Theorems Related to Congruent Arcs and Congruent Chords

Inscribed Angle, its theorem and Interrupted Arc

Theorem of Cyclic Quadrilateral and Its Converse

Theorem of Angle Between Tangent and Secant, Converse of Tangent Secant Theorem

Theorem of Internal Division of Chords / External Division of Chords

Tangent Secant Segments Theorem



Idioms & phrases

Intelligence / Mental Ability

Verbal Test

Blood relations

Puzzle test

Logical sequence of words

Verification of truth of the statement

Analytical reasoning

Problems on clocks

Situation reaction test

Logical reasoning




Environmental Management

Towards Green Energy

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


Mass media and history

Nationalism in Europe and India

Political Science

Political parties

Democracy & diversity


Natural vegetation and wild life

Water resources & agriculture