PEAK 3 Syllabus: Class 10



Quadratic Equations

To Find The Factors of Trinomials

Introduction to Quadratic Equations

To Find The Values of a, b, c For Quadratic Equation ax2 + bx + c = 0

To Find The Values of b2 – 4ac

To Find The Solution of Quadratic Equation by Factorization / Completing Square / Formula Method

Nature of Roots of Quadratic Equation

Relation Between Roots and Coefficients

Word Problems

Pythagoras Theorem

Revision of Pythgorian Triplets

Similarity and Right Angled Triangle

Theorem of Geometric Mean

Proof & Application of Pythagoras Theorem and Converse of Theorem

Appolonius Theorem



One word substitution

Intelligence / Mental Ability

Verbal Test

Arithmetical reasoning test

Mathematical operations


Alphabet test

Logical Venn diagrams test



Effect of electric current

Life Processes in Living Organism Part – 2

General Knowledge / Current Affairs


History of Indian arts

Forest society & Colonialism

Modern World: Pastoralists, Peasants & Farmers

Political Science

Democratic rights

Power sharing and federalism