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  My right answers in NEET 2013 MDS entrance exam is:
More then 150
141 - 150
131 - 140
Less then 130
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> MDS Entrance Exam Preparation

Q. What are the important websites to know about the various Dental colleges offering MDS seats  and their entrance procedure ?
A. Please refer "WHAT AFTER BDS" section of website.

Q. What are the course offered for MDS entrance exam preparation?
A. Courses offered by TEPL for MDS entrance exam preparation are:
     - Test Series inc. Correspondence Course
     - Lectures thru’ Video Streaming
     - Live lectures

Q. Is there any Entrance Exam to join a particular courses  of TEPL?
A. No. There is no entrance exam to join TEPL.

Q. Do you provide some Sample Test Paper or demo lectures of TEPL?
A. No. We don’t believe in sample test papers or demo lectures. There is No Free Lunch available anywhere !

Q. What are the Fee for all the courses?
A. Please refer "TARGET MDS" section of website.

Q. Is there any provision to pay the course fee in installments?
A. Yes, but in that case you have to higher amount. Please refer "TARGET MDS" section of website.

Q. Is there any Fee Concession for EX-TEPL Students?
A. Yes. There is 20% discount on regular fees but no other benefit with this offer will be available. Students TRNo. will also NOT changed in this case.

Q. Is there any provision to refund or transfer the fee if I wish to discontinue the course ?
A. No. There is NO such provision in any case.

Q. What is the procedure to join TEPL?
A. Student has to fill online registration form  and pay the fees.

Q. What is the mode of payment to deposit fees?
A.  There are following methods to pay the fees:


2. By your credit or debit card thru' IVR. For this call on 022 - 2810 1424.

3. By Demand draft or Pay Order in favor of "Target Educare Pvt. Ltd.' payable at Mumbai and submit your nearest branch of TEPL.

4. Directly deposit the CASH in your nearest ICICI bank. To deposit the fees in cash please use following deposit slip of ICICI bank. Enter your MOBILE NO as DEALERS CODE. This will help us to understand that who had deposited the fees in cash. If you face any problem than call on 022 - 2810 1424.


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